• June 16, 2021
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Our Guest Speaker this month is Trey Humphreys:

Trey Humphreys has a track record of creating unforgettable experiences designed to facilitate meaningful connections. Through his experience serving as the mascot for Auburn University and The Atlanta Falcons, Trey learned how to hone his communication skills. By being unable to use his voice while “on duty”, he learned how to find unique ways to get people to feel comfortable around him. This skill has served him well in his roles as founder of the Fur Bus, DJ, bar owner, event producer, and coach.

Trey’s genuine interest in other people and their stories has resulted in a coaching certification, podcast, blog, and travel to over 85 countries. Throughout his travels, he has conducted thousands of interviews about connection. He released his first book, Love Is Bananas, in 2020 and is currently working on his second one.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he created a 30-Day program to foster connection and offer opportunities for participants to gain deeper insights about themselves and each other. The program was wildly successful; hundreds of participants have been through the program with many joining every month. As a result, the program has been adapted for corporate usage.

After graduating from Auburn University, Trey interned at the Atlanta Zoo and cared for the gorillas and orangutans. He was attacked by chimpanzees in Zambia and decided working with animals may not be for him. He is currently a leadership coach, real estate investor, and restaurant owner.

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