Platinum Sponsorship


Included in the Platinum Sponsorship
Annual Sponsorship (scroll down to view details)
Logo rotating at General Meetings during ‘down times’
Major Upbeat Sponsorship (Seating at the head table, speak day of event 3-5 minutes, SWAG items on dining table and display table)


Limited Quantity of Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsorships
Must Be A Member to Purchase

Annual Sponsorship includes:
*ON YOUR SPONSORSHIP MONTH you are the featured luncheon sponsor for General Meeting and Ladies Meeting
*THAT MONTH you are sponsor, your meal is free AND you get four FREE guest passes (5x$20)
*3-5 minutes to speak THAT MONTH at the General meeting
*THAT MONTH you sponsor the General meeting you also sponsor the Ladies meeting
*5-10 minutes to speak THAT MONTH at the Ladies meeting
*Logo Displayed prominently on NCBA website
*Recognized "shout out" at every General meeting
*Recognition on the banner displayed at General meeting


Additional information

Choose the Month you wish to Sponsor.

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